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For Doormen

What day do I get Paid on?
How do I know what I have been paid for?
We pay for all hours worked from Monday to Sunday in the week previous to the payment
If I see a problem with my pay, what should I do?
Contact the payroll department at and let them know your concerns
My SIA Badge is expiring, what should I do?
If you wish to continue working, you must renew. You cannot work without a valid license
How do I renew my SIA license?
First, you need to register an account at the SIA website and then follow the instructions to apply for a renewal. Having an account is useful, it makes it much easier to keep any change of address or other circumstances up to date as well.

For Clients

I need copies of Policy Documents, who do I speak to?
Our policy documents are available to all clients by contacting us at admin@edenrayltd.com
A security professional has not arrived, what can I do?
Get in touch with your operations manager via phone or email, and we will send a replacement to ensure your security needs are covered
I am not happy with the performance of a security professional, who do I speak to?
Set out your complaint in writing and direct to our head office either by post or email. You must check out slot bonanza. Our management team will contact you to discuss the matter further.
I have a question about my invoice, who do I speak to?
Get in touch with our accounts team by phone during office hours, or email directly at admin@edenrayltd.com

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